Repairs & Restoration
We Love Trade-Ins! Those old and used Drums, Cymbals, Pedals and Stands are worth money on your new drum gear! Our staff will evaluate your trade-in and help you to find that new Ride Cymbal, Double Pedal or piece of Hardware that will get your drumming to the next level.
Don't forget about those marimba and marching snare drums. We take those in trade as well.
We specialize in repairs of all kinds; recovering old, vintage and new drum sets and snare drums. All the most popular retro finishes are available. Complete restoration is our love and we do it right! We will customize your drums with new mounts, hoops or spurs, re-cut bearing edges anything and everything to bring new life to your favorite kit.

Marimba re-stringing and tympani repairs can be done on site or at your school. Call for an appointment to schedule one of our techs for a visit.
We are certified NAPBIRT Repair Professionals, for most major manufacturers. The National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians is an international educational association dedicated to the highest possible standards of musical instrument repair service.
Our Services
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