Mike Henry
Drum Set
Mike Henry grew up in Los Angles and studied drums with Mel Zelnick. The experience of being a teacher at Mel’s drum shop {The Music Stop} became the inspiration for the Percussion Center. ” I knew from an early age I was going to be a drummer and own a Drum Shop. I wanted to be around the things I love everyday.” By age seventeen Mike was working professionally around the Los Angeles area. He attended San Fernando State on a music scholarship. Mike spent the next 10 years touring all over the United States and Canada including a stint in Japan. When Mike settled in Houston he started working with Houston’s top musicians almost immediately. He currently plays with the Luxury Jazz Trio and the Jackson Truit Group and his project; Big Percussion.
Mike is known for his great brush technique and musical drum set approach. His teaching is rooted in the history of drums and drummers. He has developed a solid curriculum of classic rudiments and reading that is geared to performance on the drum set. He also uses a extensive library of play a long tracks and has written a book of exercises exclusively for his teaching program. 

Mike is a member of ASCAP, a Paiste Cymbal Artist, Regal Tip stick endorser and creator of HPCustom Drums.

To contact Mike to discuss lessons, please email us at info@percussiononline.com
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